DNA/RNA Clean-Up

Buy RNA Clean Up Kit in Tucker, GA & Prepare High-quality RNA Yield for Downstream Applications!

Buy RNA Clean Up Kit in Tucker, GA, and remove dye terminators effectively from Sanger Sequencing reaction mixtures.

Our automated RNA Clean-up Kit consists of paramagnetic beads and compatible buffers to assist you in getting a high yield of extracted RNA from Sanger Sequencing. We provide effective RNA kits ready for varying formats and targets.

Follow only three steps after ordering the Auto-Mag RNA Clean-up Kit from the online store: Bind, Wash, and Elute, & You are done!

  1. Bind the sequencing product with the paramagnetic beads!
  2. Use ethanol wash to remove dyes, nucleotides, salts, and primers!
  3. Choose the elution buffer to elute the high-quality Sanger Sequencing Product!
The kit also consists of manual procedures and guidelines to adapt to automatic liquid handling workstations, e.g., Dynamic Devices, Beckman, Hamilton, Tecan, Caliper, Perkin Elmer, Agilent, and Eppendorf, available in the market. Where Can You Use Our Automated RNA Clean-up Kit?
  • Specify familial sequence variants. 
  • Diagnostic sequencing of a single gene.
  • Confirm variants identified by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).
  • RT-qPCR
Buy Automated RNA Clean-up Kit Online!

Buy RNA Clean-up kit in Tucker, GA, and improve the efficiency of the extracted RNA for your Bio-sciences applications.

Remove unincorporated nucleotides, enzymes & buffer components, and aborted transcripts to improve the efficacy of RNA workflows.

Order Auto-Mag RNA Clean-up Kit online and get faster delivery of the complete kit comprising the paramagnetic beads, ethanol wash, and elution buffer to increase the performance of extracted RNA for workflows such as RT-qPCR.

Our Auto-Mag RNA Clean-up Kit shipping is timely and reliable and assists you in downstream applications by minimizing errors and reducing interferences from the residue and slurries!

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