General FAQ

Contact Customer Service

Do you have any questions regarding your order? Need to change something about your order you have placed? Can not find your answer using our web site’s self-service features? Please contact our customer service as follows:

Tel: 404-290-5063

Registration & Login
Why should I register?

Once registered, you can:
1. Order online
2. Save billing and shipping addresses with your profile.
3. View your online order history.
4. Receive e-mail confirmation of online orders and order status.

How do I register?

Direct Link: https://www.amdbiotech.com/account/

You may access registration through the login screen by clicking Not Registered? Register here.

On the registration screen, you will fill in a username and password and some basic profile information including name, e-mail address, institution/company and country.

I forgot my password.

Go to the login screen. You will see a link below the username and password fields that says, Forget your password. Click here. Click this link, enter your username or email and we’ll send you a password recovery link.

I forget my username.

Please email support@amdbiotech.com for assistance in getting the customer’s username. Please let us know your contact information (full name, phone, and e-mail) when you email us.

I cannot register successfully.

It could be possible that your address information is longer than the USPS specified address length. Kindly use http://maps.google.com or any map tool to find shortcuts to reduce the length of the address.
Example: Boulevard to Blvd.

View Product Information

First you will need to browse or search for the items. Keyword search boxes are located on every page of AMD Biotech web site. When you find an item that interests you, you can view the following product information:

Product Price

Product prices can only be viewed when you choose United States and click view price?button. All product prices listed on www.amdbiotech.com are only valid within the United States.

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

On the individual product pages, you can click on the Certificate of Analysis

Ordering Standard Products
Orders accepted only for US customers.

If you order from outside of the United States, please choose your country to find AMD Biotech local distributor to order.

Payment Methods

AMD Biotech, Inc accepts PayPal, check, P.O. for our product orders and services.

Purchase Order (P.O.)

If you choose payment method as P.O., please fill in the following information in checkout page:

P.O. Number: Number assigned by the payment department of your institution.
Terms: Net 30 days.
Issue Date: The date AMD Biotech assigned the Customer Account Number to your institution.

For the first time order, your bank information, and the contact information of the account payable (name, phone, fax, e-mail). Please provide your order ID with the information. (You will see the assigned order ID as soon as you place the order.)


If you choose payment method as check, please fill in the following information in checkout page:

Check Number: Number on your check.
Bank and Branch: The bank and branch which issued the check.
Issue Date: The date the check is signed.

You do not need to fill in Customer Account Number.

Shipping and Tracking

Normally items will be shipped via FedEx Ground, unless states otherwise. Back order items may take a few days to a few weeks before that item is in our stock. Please log in and click order view to check if the order has been shipped.

Tracking Your Package

The tracking number of your order will be displayed in your account after we have shipped your order. Please log in and click Order View to see your order status.

If you have a tracking or delivery confirmation number, follow the links below for more information.

FedEx Tracking

Review Your Orders

You can review the status of any order you have placed via Your Account. Ensure you are logged in and click the Order View link. You will be able to review order number, product catalog number, price, product name, and your order status. There are five possible status message for each order:

New Order: Order has not entered processing yet.
Under Processing: We’ve received the order and are processing it.
Backorder: Product is on backorder.
Shipped: We’ve received the order, processed it and it’s been shipped.
Closed: Order has been completed.
Cancel: Order has been canceled.

Returns and Warranty
Returns and Credits

Products may not be returned without proper authorization by the AMD Biotech Technical Service Department. Due to the temperature sensitivity of our products, we are unable to restock and resell returned goods if the products have been used by customers already. All goods returned due to customer ordering error are subject to a 25% restocking fee. In order to receive credit, the products must be returned in their original, intact condition at your expense. AMD Biotech Inc reserves the right to change our return policy without notice. Please visit our website at www.amdbiotech.com for details.

Conditions and Warranty

AMD Biotech Inc products are warranted to meet our product specifications in effect at the time of shipment. Notice of nonconforming products must be made to AMD Biotech Customer Service Department within 30 days of your receipt of the products. If AMD Biotech does not receive your notice within the 30 day applicable time limit, AMD Biotech will deem the products to have been accepted. This product warranty limits AMD Biotech’s liability to the replacement of the product only

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